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Online Quiz CAT/CSAT 2022

The above named tests are being conducted by GTB National College, Dakha to make students of XII class, presently studying in your school to make them aware about the kind of competitive tests they will face to build a career in Arts and commerce. The winners of the tests will be awarded cash prizes.

Important note
Top 50 students from the written test will be called to the college out of which first three will be awarded the prizes as mentioned below.

Attractive Prizes

Overall Winners of CAT/CSAT-2022
• 1st Rs. 5000/-
• 2nd Rs. 3000/-
• 3rd Rs. 2000/-
School wise toppers will be rewarded with mementoes. Certificates will be awarded to each student who score 40% or more marks.

About the College

GTB National College Dakha is a 50 year old multi-faculty college. The college is recognized by University Grants Commission and accredited by NAAC. The college has all the facilities required for imparting quality education.

We run courses such as with Hons, B.A with skill oriented courses, M.Com, M.A Punjabi and PGDCA.

About the Test

The two tests will be conducted separately for Commerce and Arts students.

For Commerce students: - CAT-2022 Exam-Accounts, Business studies, Economics, English, and General Awareness, will be covered

Sample questions:
1. Receipts and payments a/c records
(a) Only revenue items (b) only capital items (c) both revenue and capital items (d) cash and non-cash transactions.
2. "In the case of a Giffen good, the demand curve will be"
(a) Horizontal (b)"Downward sloping to the right " (c) Vertical (d) "Upward sloping to the right"

For Arts students: - CSAT-2022 Exam- History, Political Science, Economics, Sociology, Physical Education, General Awareness and English, will be covered.

Sample questions:
1. What is the antonym of Mighty
(a) Forcible (b) forceful (c) weak (d) tough
2. No. of fundamental rights enshrined in the Indian constitution.
(a) 9 (b)10 (c)7 (d) 6

The candidate will be required to attempt 60 questions (Multiple Choice type) in 30 minutes. The test will be conducted in the online mode.

Each student will submit registration form. On submission of the form, he will be allotted a password and will be given the date and time through SMS and mail, within which he/she will answer the questions.

Dr. Avtar Singh

Prof Gurveer Singh

Prof Gagandeep Kaura

Prof Dr Jaswinder Singh