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Post Graduate Department of Commerce

  • B.Com. with option for Hons.
  • M. Com
  • Accounting in PGDCA
  • Vocational Advertising & Sales Management in BA (proposed from 2018-19)

Post Graduate Department of Punjabi

  • Punjabi Elective in B.A.
  • Punjabi in B.Com I
  • M.A. Punjabi

Post Graduate Department of History

  • History Elective in B.A.
  • History & Culture in B.Com and BA classes
  • M.A. History

Department of English

  • English compulsory in B.A classes
  • Functional English in B.A. Classes (proposed from 2018-19)

Department of Physical Education

  • Physical Education Elective in BA

Department of Fashion & Design

  • Fashion Designing Vocational Elective in BA

Department of Political Science

  • Political Science Elective in BA

Department of Economics

  • Economics Elective in BA
  • Economics in B.Com and M.Com

Department of computers

  • Vocational Computer Applications in BA (proposed from 2018-19)