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Sports Activities

College has got a vast General  Sant Singh Stadium which provides a valuable venue for the development and channelization of physical energies of the youthful students. College has got  Physical Education as an elective subject also. There are two D.P.E.s , one male and one female, who are all the time busy in training or teaching the students for examination as well as for Inter-College Competitive Events. College has Football, Cricket, Kabbadi, Badminton, Basketball, Table Tennis, Chess, Athletics, Boxing, Weight-lifting. Power-lifting teams and events.
For physical exercise and training, there are two gyms; one for boys and one for girls.
Annual Athletic Meet is held with all the zeal and enthusiasm. Competitors are encouraged and winners are amply rewarded. Cash prizes are given to the Best athletes and outstanding players. Many friendly matches are arranged to give the students continuous training.
Apart from the regular faculty in Physical Education, Event Coaches are also arranged for the individual specialized coaching.
College always values the good and disciplined players and is ever ready to help them financially also. .

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