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Digital Library

College is providing its students the facility to download the e-resources and online  check the record of books issued to them .

Two method to access the above said facility:

  • Through Internet
  • Through Library computer




      Through Internet

  • To download e-resources: click the below Link  and enter user name  and password at required place.

(username :user1,user2,user3,user4,user5 any one out of five

password is 123456 for all five* )

Click here for Digital Library

  •  To check books issues: click the below link and ask librarian  username and password  of campus analyzer

Click here for Campus analyzer




Through Library computer

Ask the librarian for wifi enabled terminal on which these facility is available

steps to follows

  1. open any web browser and enter in URL of that browser.
  2. For digital library click eshelf link and for record of issued book click campus analyzer link.

for more help please contact librarian



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